2017 Selected as Finalist for Holmes Art prize for Realism Excellence in Bird Painting. Nov 4th - Dec 4th

2015-2016 Illuminating Science. Lovett Gallery. Newcastle Library. Nov 13th – Jan 27th

2015 Broughton Island: The Art of Adventure. A collaboration of Natural History Illustration Researchers and Staff of the University of Newcastle. Newcastle Museum. May 29th - Aug 23rd

2015 Making it Known. A collaboration of Design Researchers and Staff of the University of Newcastle. Curve Gallery. Nov 13th-21st

2014 Breathe. Joanne Felk Gallery

2011 Selected for the Manning Art Prize Biennial Exhibition. Manning Regional Art gallery. Sept 17th  - Oct 23rd

2011 Group Exhibition: Depicting Nature. Maitland Regional Art Gallery. Maitland. May 6th - June 26th

2011 Group Exhibition: Expression of Life. Sunset Gallery. Port Macquarie. Jan 26th - Feb 9th

2010 Solo Exhibition: BIRDS: a retrospective Exhibition. Joanne Felk Gallery. Oct 28th - Nov 11th

2010 Group Exhibition: Curio Naturae, celebrating 200 years post Macquarie. Lovett Gallery, Newcastle. March 19th - May 1st

2009 Selected for the Manning Art Prize Biennial Exhibition. Manning Regional Art gallery. Sept 19th to Oct 18th

2009 Group Exhibition: Animals and Birds within the Australian Landscape. Cooks Hill Galleries. July 12th -20th

2009 Group Exhibition: Port Macquarie Art Society Annual Art Prize, Second place Highly Commended Watercolour

2008 Solo Exhibition: Natural History Illustrated. Joanne Felk Gallery. Sept 7th - 28th

2008 Group Exhibition: Drawn from Nature. Lovett Gallery, Newcastle City Library, Newcastle

2008 Solo Exhibition: Corporate body, Advantage Accountants Port Macquarie. Nov 28th - Dec 18th


Research Projects:

2018 Bio- informed experimental design for rapid prototyping of high performance body surfing hand-plane

2017 - 2018 Developing interactive online 3D teaching aides for developing drawing skills and visual acumen

2017 Submitted book chapter “Building a Bird twice.”

2015 – 2016 Illuminating Science (NHI research/ Exhibition, Lovett Gallery)

2015 Making it Known (Design research/Exhibition, Curve Gallery)

2015 Broughton Island: The Art of Adventure (NHI research/Museum installation, Newcastle Museum)

2014 In pursuit of Motion: Developing methodological frameworks for illustrating moments of motion in Birds and Fish (PhD Thesis)

2010 Listed with the Australian Museum, Lizard Island Post Graduate Researchers of 2009, for NHI field research.


Tertiary Teaching:

17/06/2017 - 17/06/2018 Lecturer Design (Visual Communication). The University of Newcastle.

 27/08/2016 – 16/12/2016 Newcastle edX MOOC NHI: Drawing Nature, Science and Culture.

2015 Specialised Lecture NHI theory class. Reconstructing and illustrating movement of Birds: Conducting and applying NHI practice-based research

1/01/2010 – 1/12/2012 Sessional Lecturer/ Academic: Field Studies 1 & 2 Natural History Illustration

1/01/2010 – 1/06/2011 Teaching EPARTS 190 Introduction to Design Drawing

1/07/2009 – 1/11/2010 Sessional Lecturer/ Academic: Natural History Illustration - Margaret Senior Award

1/02/2009 – 1/06/2010 Sessional Academic: Tutoring Major Internal Project



2016 Vice Chancellor’s Award for Collaborative Excellence, The University of Newcastle

2016 Team Award for Collaboration Excellence FSCIT, The University of Newcastle

2014 Professional Team of the year Award FSCIT, The University of Newcastle

2011 Australian Post Graduate Award, University of Newcastle