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Growing up on the mid north coast of NSW Australia engrained a passion for the aesthetic experience of immersion in nature. After completing of a double degree in science and teaching, I explored my passion for nature and art through natural history illustration (Honours) at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Soon after I ventured to the Ruwenzori Mountains of Uganda living with the Bukonzo people, teaching secondary school. Studying flight behaviours of the abundant and varied bird life of Ruwenzori region inspired my PhD research. My creative journey has led me back to the ocean wilderness, where I experience complete immersion and the closest encounters through the connecting experience of freediving. I have always been fascinated and inspired by the natural world and the human experience with it. I am constantly captivated by the aesthetic and functional diversity the natural world presents. I have dedicated my creative practice to absorbing and communicating nature's story. I harness a range of media in my practice including clay modelling,  digital 3D sculpting, digital platforms of photography, illustration, painting and film production, as well as traditional mediums such as watercolor, acrylic and graphite. I find each medium informs the other. This cross skilling enables me to think even more laterally in the process of image making, visual story telling and experimental design. Constantly expanding the depth and breadth of my creative scope provides greater expression of my experiences in nature. I hope that my work inspires people to find their own story to tell about nature.

"Nature's story is everyones story..."

Daniel Paul Atkins (PhD)